Performance/InterClub/AGG Program

Performance Program

Location: Planet Studio (1701-Welch St, North Vancouver)

Pre-Performance 1
4-5 years old
NA5:30-7:00 for kids born 2013-20144:00-5:30 for kids born 2013-20145:30-7:00 for kids born 2013-2014NA11:30-1:00 for kids born 2013-2014
Performance 1
6-7 years old
4:00-5:30 for kids born 2011-20125:30-7:00 for kids born 2011-2012NA5:30-7:00 for kids born 2011-20124:00-5:30 for kids born 2011-20129:30-11:00 for kids born 2011-2012
Performance 2
8-10 years old
NA3:30-5:30 for kids born 2008-2010NA3:30-5:30 for kids born 2008-2010NA11:00-1:00 for kids born 2008-2010
*For 10 and older years old please check InterClub/AGG schedule

Stretching and Acrobatic Class for Aspiring Young Athletes

Location: Planet Studio (1701-Welch St, North Vancouver)

Stretching Class for 8-10 year old3:30-4:303:30-4:3011:00-12:00
Stretching Class for 10-18 years old5:30-6:305:30-6:305:30-6:301:00-2:00

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