Calendar of Events

Competitive Program


November 17th Ready or Not (Vancouver)

November 22-24th FIG International Tournament (Slovakia) Polly

December 7-8th La Luna Invitational (Redmond, WA, USA) For N. Korkh Comp Group

December 15th Winter Show (Only AGG Groups) (WVCC)

December 27-29th Hawaii Sunset Invitational (Maui, HI, USA) For N. Kalkan Comp Group # 2

January 17-20th Las Vegas Invitational (Las Vegas, NV, USA) Polly

January 23-26th LA Lights (Las Vegas, CA, USA) For N. Korkh Comp Group

February 7-9th Olympia Cup (Burnaby) Invitational

February 12-16th Elite Canada (Burnaby) National Stream Senior/Junior/Novice born 2008

February 27-March 1st Miss Valentine (Tartu, Estonia) Invited: Polly, Milana V, Jillina, Sophie G


March 13-15th Planet Invitational (North Vancouver) AGG groups and Level 2-10

March 28-29th Brittaney Hunt Invitational (Calgary, AB) 

April 3-5th BC Provincial Championships (Vancouver) for Western and National Stream Gymnasts (NO 4A; 5A; 6A levels)

April 8-12th Western Regional Championships (Calgary) for Western/National Stream (NO 4A; 5A; 6A Levels)

April 19th Blossom City Cup (WVCC)  for InterClub 2 and Comp 1 Groups

April 24-26th Koop Cup and AGG Pan-American Championships (Toronto) 

May 1-3 AGG Canadian Nationals and Jusco Cup (Toronto)

May 1-3rd All Starts Invitational (Vancouver, BC)

May 20-24th Canadian National Championships (TBC) Only if Qualified after Elite or after Westerns

June 6-7th BC Provincial Championships (Vancouver) for Provincial Stream Gymnasts (Inter Club and BC Level 1-3 and 4A; 5A; 6A)

June 14th Year End Show (WVCC) For all Planet gymnasts



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